Low cost Craniotomy surgery in India

Published: 10th December 2009
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Craniotomy surgery in India is performed by expert surgeons at hospitals in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. A craniotomy is a type of surgery done to open part of the skull, or cranium. This procedure is needed when a person has a condition or injury that affects the brain, its tissues, or its blood vessels. Craniotomies are often a critical operation performed on patients suffering from brain lesions or traumatic brain injury (TBI), and can also allow doctors to surgically implant deep brain stimulators for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and cerebellar tremor. Craniotomy surgery in India provides patients the opportunity to save money without compromising on the treatment quality.

Human craniotomy is usually performed under general anesthesia but can be also done with the patient awake using a local anaesthetic; the procedure generally does not involve significant discomfort for the patient. In general, a craniotomy will be preceded by an MRI scan which provides a picture of the brain that the surgeon uses to plan the precise location for bone removal and the appropriate angle of access to the relevant brain areas. The amount of skull that needs to be removed depends to a large extent on the type of surgery being performed. Most small holes can heal with no difficulty. When larger parts of the skull must be removed, surgeons will usually try to retain the bone flap and replace it immediately after surgery. It is held in place temporarily with metal plates and rather quickly reintegrates with the intact part of the skull, at which point the metal plates are removed. Cost of Craniotomy surgery in India is very affordable.

India the home of tradition has now named as a developing country. New innovations are implemented in various fields. Medical advancement in India has developed so vast that attracts even the abroad patients for healthcare in India. Craniotomy surgery in India is provided at such an economical price that will pleasantly surprise patients. Craniotomy is one of the life threatening diseases that kill the person livingly. Craniotomy is a preventable and curable disease if detected earlier. Patients are screened and educated to identify the signs of craniotomy. Cost of this surgery in India is very less as compare to other western countries. For more details on Craniotomy surgery in India visit http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com and enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com or call at+91-9371136499, +91-9860755000, + 1-415-599-2537 (USA) / +44-20-8133-2571 (USA) / +44-20-8133-2571 (UK).

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